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Websites Done for You!

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This is for those who want a "Done for you" website: 

This is where we begin to gather YOUR information necessary to get your best estimate for hosting, creating, developing and publishing your website.  With your direction we can customize your site to fit your desire or need to administrate it in one or two ways.

First,  a "DONE FOR YOU" website:  You can indirectly create your site by "Directing our webmaster" to do for you; thus it would NOT be necessary for you to go into site control panel or admin area.  We call this "heavy lifting" and we can do it all for you.

Second, for those who can spare time from running their business, we will give you access to your cpanel and or the admin area where you can do some or all site creation and site admin work yourself.  Yes this will save you some money but be careful not to "step over dimes to save pennies".  Webmaster's can usually do these things more efficiently than a site owner.  Too, don't forget  about on-going site maintenance, security, and site data protection which is imperative to staying online and in business.  We can provide data backup and storage services.

Then what happens when your site crashes or has a technical issue?

Do you want to rely on yourself or our webmaster to keep your site online?

To get started go thru itemized list below and click those of areas interest.  Remember this is NOT a commitment to buy.

When I get this information I will contact you to provide you more information

and fine tune this information gathering process so you will know what to ask for, and I will know what to price.

My goal is to be sure and NOT price in something you don't need or want.

This Pricing Request is NOT a commitment but instead a guide to help you decide what you need, and to help us better estimate your costs.  Please fill in and submit.  Often my clients will think of other things they need or need to know.  You will be able to get those concerns dealt with before you make a decision to add a website to your business.

You Direct, we do the work when You get a "Done for You" custom website by Sirius Web

The more detail you provide, the better your pricing details will be. Our goal in designing your website will be to take your business profile, your unique selling proposition (USP), your business logo (Brand), and your ideas, and even your favorite colors and bring them all together to create your own, original, one of a kind online Business Public Relations Site or a Retail Store Front. Below I have listed many areas for you to consider in customizing your website. Your choices here will customize your website to YOUR SPECIFIC DESIRES adding to Splash Page specs.