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Help Desk Guide

Help Desk Guide


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Help Desk Guide

Welcome to Sirius Web Services Help Desk Portal where you can get personal online help for your website activities.  After years of chasing and losing emails in an over loaded inbox with hundreds other web business, or feeling out of control when finding the email misplaced in a spam folder, I went looking for a customer service system that would help me focus on priorities, save time, and help get me organized.  I first discovered this method of customer service right under my nose.  Most of my business vendors offer some kind of support.  I find professionals are using this type system more and more.  I noticed with this system, I could go directly to a portal and not have to wade thru hundreds of emails to get the support I needed.   So you now can go directly to your help desk portal.

Wow what a time saver!  You will love how this organized system puts you in complete control with "HELP" just click or two away. 

Wow, you'll love this advanced "FRONT END" "No Login" ticket submitting.

Here is a really neat trick for getting the most out of online instructions: On your desktop  Open up "Two" windows, one with the "Help Desk Guide" and another to follow thru with the instructions.  Scroll down now to your step by step guide.


Window Two <> Help Desk


Well Organized



Step 1

Your are here now

Notice the login on top right and on bottom left side.  We will start you here where you must  "Log  In."

Login to Help Desk


Step 2

Click on Login at bottom



step 3

Login here using your unique username and password assigned you by the Webmaster.

Step 4

Notice menu in blue on top & item "My Tickets" on left side.  Easy and convenient.  Now we will guide you to and thru viewing, submitting and replying to tickets.  To view click on "My Tickets".

Step 5

My Tickets

Here is where you can review, reply, and close existing tickets.  You can open an existing ticket by clicking on the blue text on left side next to the image.  For an active client you will notice on right side the date created.  Think of this date as the last entry to the ticket.  You will want to review the dates on each ticket and open and reply to the one with the most recent date.  Pick a ticket and click on blue text next to image.   Scroll to next step


Step 6

Here you review and respond with a reply pertaining to the "SUBJECT MATTER" .  Here is where this system shines.  What is called a "Thread" is created as the ticket moves from client to the Webmaster.  Some situations will need a thread to help keep busy clients and the webmaster organized and focused on one "SUBJECT" will do wonders for saving you time.

Sadly, I have been party to emails which came and went with differing subjects in each mail.  NO THREAD AND SO down the road you will likely find your self scavenging thru email archives looking for some valuable information lost somewhere because a reply was written paying no mind to "SUBJECT".

A ticket gets created when there is an issue of website business that needs some sort of support.  Each ticket SUBJECT WILL BE FOLLOWED until the issue is satisfactorily resolved.  Then the Webmaster will close the ticket.  Closed tickets could in a unique situation be re-opened.  Most times just start a new email assistance request.

Step 7

Replying to tickets


Well Organized



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