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Increase Your Blog website TRAFFIC

Here is another tip for increasing blog website traffic. How you can create backlinks 1. Internal Links can help increase your blog traffic The easiest way to gain backlinks may be to link to your own content. While you are writing a new blog post, you can simply link to other related content of yours.…
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Marketing You and your site

Marketing Plans & Goals: To help you in marketing “you, your site, and your services ONLINE”, this short exercise will enlighten you and your understanding of your website [business] accomplishments, services, and needs and how best to present them. Your goal here is to identify valuable information about your business’ environment [marketing goals and achievements]. …
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Marketing: Your business and YOU.

“THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT BUSINESS ISSUE YOU WILL EVER FACE!” Getting Found is the first goal of Marketing your business. You and Your Services are NOT separable! You and your Services are your number one Product. Fortunately there are many aspects of Marketing your business that must be considered [and some in proper order of…
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HelpDesk Guide

Help Desk Info:  Follow the steps below illustrating how you will enter your private Help Desk Portal and how to view tickets, adding or downloading attachments, replying to tickets, and …. Enter help desk url [] into your desktop browser and click enter.  This is website with helpdesk that should come up.  NOW CLICK ON…
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28 Powerful Tips to Relieve Stress

28 Powerful Tips to Relieve Stress We live in a stressful world, bombarded by increasing demands, added responsibilities, and by choices between our professional and personal commitments. Sound familiar? Here are 28 powerful tips to relieve stress. Make every moment matter. Time is your most valuable asset. Invest it wisely or you’ll be forced to…
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Prosperity Isn’t About Money

If I asked you whether a particular person is wealthy, you’d probably estimate how much money they have and gauge the worldly possessions they own. That got me thinking. If prosperity is defined as good fortune, why do we confine our definition to money and possessions? What about the strength of our relationships, the memories…
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35 Questions to Inspire Self-Reflection

When was the last time you paused to reflect on your life? You’re too busy for that, right? Wouldn’t you like to know if you should continue full speed ahead or if you’re veering off course? Here are 35 questions to inspire self-reflection. They will help you identify your values, discover your driving forces, challenge…
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6 Key Lessons in Life from a 150 year Old Man

Today, 2nd October 2019, is the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi. So he would have been 150 years old today had he not been assassinated in 1948. Gandhi may not be around anymore but his legacy and his message of non-violence lives on and he is indeed the light the world needs…
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