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Marketing Your Business [& You]


Getting Found is the first goal of Marketing your business.

You and Your Services are NOT separable! You and your Services are your number one Product.

Fortunately there are many aspects of Marketing your business that must be considered [and some in proper order of priority] to successfully market your business, products, and you.  Fortunately, because opportunities exist in some or all of the marketing aspects peculiar to your business.  Wise entrepreneurs understand how your existing "word of mouth" advertising will be improved by adding or improving other advertising strategies.

For those with Brick and Mortar businesses you well know it began the day you opened to the public.  In the pre-internet days it would have been a matter of targeted, radio, TV, and paper and other printed media advertising.  Today you have an opportunity to grow your business by using various Internet online advertising [marketing methods].  Your website being the best starting place.

Here is a brief outline of Marketing essentials for your consideration.  Thought provoking? Yes.  And it should be.  It will help you create a marketing plan.  Or at the bare minimum give you a place to start.  

  • To "Get Found" is one of The Strong Points of Sirius Web Services.  Ask us How we can help you to "Get Found" online and/or on the street.
  • Social Media is NOT used by all your potential customers so having an "ONLINE" presence in the way of a Website is essential whether you own a brick and mortar location or want an "Online Business".  To repeat myself, as this is very very important.  Having "Only" a Social Media online presence is NOT SUFFICIENT.  Many potential customers do not do "Social Media".
  • Search Engine and Site Optimization:  Not necessarily first on you list of to dos, but of utmost importance; and should be done at a strategic point in your online marketing plan.  This can be a confusing subject when you browse the internet for SEO experts.  CAUTION here should be your watch word.
  • Your Website Marketing Strategies are heavily dependent on the type products and business you have.  You may need a consultant here.  Sirius Web Services has many many years marketing experience and "Free Consulting" is included when you have a "Done for Website" designed and built for you.
  • When you Advertise your business ALWAYS INCLUDE YOUR WEBSITE URL the same way you would include your street address for a "Brick and Mortar" business.
  • Online Businesses will demand "Online Marketing Campaigns", to achieve a degree of success, which may or may not include local off-line advertising in combination with online.
  • Online Marketing Campaigns can be provided and managed for you by Sirius Web Services.  We will locate providers for you and the services you need.  Present those for your acceptance and then manage them for you.  Just Ask.
  • Remember, for our existing clients we are here to consult with anytime.  To submit a request for consulting submit a "HelpDesk" Ticket.  Entrance to Help Desk is on the Landing page menu or THE button on lower right hand side.  Just click and sumit.

Have Fun!  Yes Fun.  Hopefully you are in a business you enjoy.  'Having fun while doing business' is all too often an overlooked asset of successful entrepreneurs.


Need Help:  Just Ask.

Existing Customer!  This is for you.  Free!!!!  Have a look, then contact your Webmaster.


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