Marketing Plans & Goals:

To help you in marketing "you, your site, and your services ONLINE", this short exercise will enlighten you and your understanding of your website [business] accomplishments, services, and needs and how best to present them.

Your goal here is to identify valuable information about your business’ environment [marketing goals and achievements].  This also helps those who are writing your web content to market YOUR site, to determine “keywords and key messages”.

  1. In 25 or 30 seconds or less [time it takes to recite or read] describe your site to someone that knows nothing about you or your site. Then summarize your 25 or 30 second description in one or 2 sentences to connect your site to your perceived followers [viewers],  that shows your viewer why you are their preferred provider.
  2. This focused input towards marketing your site, you, and your product(s), is EXTREMELY valuable in proposition developing and content writing.
  3. To attract followers, members, and/or buyers you must be able to describe the benefits these followers can expect, thus establishing your sites primary value to viewers.
  4. Note:  This should become your "Unique Selling Proposition" as described below.

To the degree that you are able to adequately answer and deal with the previous thought provoking scenarios may well determine the success of your site, business, and products offered.  Use the information you gain from this exercise and direct your Webmaster in your Website Design.


Unique Selling Proposition


As long time entrepreneur I have come to prefer the “Unique Selling Proposition” to other methods of putting you or your business over, especially, in today world.   Some marketers make differentiating it from an “Elevator Pitch” or what some today call a “Value Statement”.  While technically, experts will define them differently, I personally will look at the immediate goal of writing, speaking, or other presenting of ones company to prospects in the elevator or networking.

In website marketing I prefer to use my “Unique Selling Proposition” written as a hybrid blend to include the elevator pitch, and value proposition.  One might call it the “Distinctive Selling Proposition.

Whatever you choose to call it, is not as important as your goal and what you want to accomplish writing or presenting it.   I prefer to call it my “Unique Selling Proposition” designed to deal business to consumer rather that business to business.  I believe my unique selling proposition should take about 30 seconds to speak in your best sales presentation voice or to read likewise.  And be mentally modifiable, on impulse, to shorten to fit your need such as the “Elevator Pitch”.

It should answer these thought provoking questions:

  • What do you or your company do
  • What Services are you offering
  • What differentiates you and your company from others in your field?
  • Are you presenting to customer as prospect or as buyer?
  • What critical needs are you able to fill?

Of course you will be able to come up with more questions as you prepare your “Unique Selling Proposition”.

By Jim Comley

Sirius Web Services