Websites Done for You!

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Done for you!

Sirius Web Services<>Your best choice!

Sirius Web Services creates the best websites!  YES, we do all the Designing, Building, Creating, Developing, and Hosting, plus all the hundreds of technical details involved just for you.

“Done for You”.

Yes, we design, create, and customize your website from the information you provide.  The more information and images you provide the better your site will become.  Send us your business profile, and the product and services categories you offer.

You direct, and provide the info, we do the work. Yes, we do the heavy lifting for you, even domain name registry.  We can also assist you with  graphic designed Icons, logos & header designs: Just ask!

Sirius web Services now has a USA based Cloud home:  I am proud to announce we have a new home in the Cloud where we continue to serve businesses of all types.  We proudly feature USA based Servers providing our cloud backed hosting because we can bundled features most in demand.

I have just completed moving all websites to our new cloud home where we are hosting, managing, and securing websites we manage.  Our services now includes our 24/7/365 Server and Site Managed Support team, and Site BACKUPS so  you can rest assured that your websites are fine and you can focus on your other business details and your clients.

Webmaster assistance EDITS or TECH HELP requests will be answered “no later than” the next business day and most times the same day.

Our new USA based Server home insures that I can continue my “personal” hands on Website Design & website management, Development, and Consulting services to all my clients.